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You can register your camper online and fill out any of the necessary forms and information packets to ensure your camper has an amazing summer with us. Click here to register your camper and then click here to get started on your forms. 

If you have questions about forms or applications at any time please contact us at 855-MOSHAVA


We are always posting new photos and videos from our camp sessions. Once you are enrolled we will send you a link and password to see our camp photos.


Chinuch and learning is at the core of a Moshava experience. Through a richly immersive educational program incorporating art, music, drama, dance, food, bunk names, night activities, and much more, we make Jewish history larger than life each summer. Campers might meet Hertzl and debate the Uganda Plan at the Zionist Congress on one day and participate in Aliya Bet under the nose of the British Mandate on another. Through it all, our campers and staff grow a deep love for our homeland, our people and our Torah. 

Typical Day

8:00 AM   - Shacharit followed by Breakfast

10:00 AM - Chinuch (educational theme)

10:45 AM - Morning Peulot (activities, sports, arts etc)

12:30 PM -  Lunch, Mincha and Menucha (rest time)

 2:30 PM  -  Afternoon Peulot

 5:00 PM  -  Shekem (snack)

 5:30 PM  -  Chugim (electives)

 6:45 PM  -  Mifkad and Dinner

 7:30 PM  -  Maariv and Night Tochnit (activity)



Moshava Alevy offers our campers a wide variety of exciting daily activities, including outstanding educational sports, arts, and nature programming. A typical camp day will include three morning activities and four afternoon activities, plus one elective option that campers will choose according to their interests. Activities at camp include:



Basketball | Soccer | Football | Baseball | Ultimate Frisbee | Tennis | Gaga | Hockey | Kickball



Fine Arts | Ceramics | Dance | Drama | Music | Culinary Arts


Outdoor Adventure:

High Ropes | Zip-line | Climbing Wall | Archery | Teva | Tomahawk Throwing



Shiur | Camp-Wide Chinuch Programs | Chava (Farming)


In addition, we take advantage of the beautiful surrounding area of the San Bernardino Mountains with activities including hiking, overnights, water-skiing, and kayaking.


It's not all (just) fun and games at camp, though. Everything we do at Moshava is animated by our passion for chinuch (education) and our love for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael. Each summer our program revolves around a period of Jewish History connected to Eretz Yisrael, and each day includes an engaging and dynamic chinuch activity. Art, music, dance, skits at mealtimes, night activities, color war teams, bunk names, and much more are tied in directly to the summer's educational theme, creating an integrated, holistic, and most of all fun educational growth experience for all members of our camp family.

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