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Malshabim - מלש"בים

Tzevet training program
for current 10th grade Israelis.

Get ready to join the Best. Tzevet. Ever. 

מלש"ב is an acronym used in the Israeli army for "Getting ready to be part of the staff." As a Malsha"b you will work side by side with the rest of the camp tzevet. You and your peers will have twice weekly hadracha sessions geared just for you. You will have a Rosh Malshabim who you can turn to for advice and for all your questions and concerns throughout the entire summer. Each bunk will have at least one full time madrich as well as one Malsha"b. 

Gain skills for life. Cultivate lifelong relationships with peers and campers. Priority hiring for full time tzevet after 11th grade. Apply now!

Malsha"bim work on a volunteer basis and earn a small flight reimbursement. 

Questions? Contact Jordy for more information. 

Apply here.

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