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Moshava Alevy will be visiting a community near you!

Come meet our Camp Director and learn all about our amazing plans for Summer 2020!

Upcoming Open House Schedule:

Wed Nov. 20 - Los Angeles

Tues Dec. 3 - Silicon Valley

Mon Dec. 9 - Seattle (Seward Park)

Wed Dec. 11 - Silver Spring, MD

Thurs Dec. 12 - Bay Area (Oakland)

Mon Dec. 16 - Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

Wed Dec. 18 - Tarzana, CA 

Thurs Dec. 19 - Valley Village/North Hollywood, CA

Wed Jan. 8 - Dallas, TX

Mon Feb. 3 - (Kaytana/Mini Mosh) Los Angeles, CA click here for details

Wed Feb. 26 -  Los Angeles, CA click here for details

If you'd like Moshava Alevy to come visit your community, or if you would be interested in hosting an open house, please let us know! Email us at, or call 855-MOSHAVA.

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